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Laser Dentistry in Chesterfield, MO

Since 1989, dentists have been using lasers to treat a variety of dental issues. Compared to other non-laser dental tools, laser dentistry offers far more comfortable treatment. According to the U.S Food and Drug Administration department, laser dental treatments are completely safe. Lasers and focused light beams have been used to remove overgrown tissues, reshape gums, and enhance teeth whitening.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry over Conventional Dental Procedures

  • Soft tissue laser treatment eliminates the need for sutures.
  • Laser treatments promote blood clotting, and hence, there is less bleeding after the soft tissues are treated.
  • With laser procedures, anesthesia can be a.
  • The laser sterilizes the infected areas, thus reducing the risk of bacterial infections. 
  • The use of lasers stimulates fast healing of wounds and tissue regeneration.
  • With the focussed laser lights, dentists can focus on the damaged tissue without causing any damage to the nearby tissues.
  • Laser treatment brings down drugs and antibiotics intake after treatment.
  • Lasers help in avoiding dental x-rays and thus reducing the risks associated with them. 

Types of Lasers Used in Dentistry

There are two main types of lasers used by dentists for laser procedures: 

Hard Tissue Lasers

A hard tissue laser is used for teeth treatment as it can cut through both water and bone, and calcium phosphate present in your teeth. Hard tissue laser procedures include:

  • Cavity detection
  • Tooth preparations and shaping prior to composite bonding
  • Repair worn-out or damaged fillings
  • Tooth sensitivity treatment 

Soft Tissue Lasers

Soft tissue lasers are diode lasers that are best suited for gum treatment, as they easily get absorbed through water and hemoglobin of red blood cells. These lasers seal the ending of nerve and blood vessels, and hence, cause little or no pain after laser treatment. These lasers are commonly used to activate tissue regrowth (fast healing), kill bacteria and treat periodontitis. Soft tissue laser procedures include:

  • Crown lengthening
  • Gum reshaping and correcting uneven gum lines
  • Treating restricted tongue movement
  • Removing folds caused by dentures 
  • Treating tight tongue frenulum

Laser dentistry treats a variety of other dental conditions, such as:

  • Detecting infected tissues
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Treating cold sores
  • Bleaching and teeth whitening
  • Treating obstructive sleep apnea
  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint) treatment
  • Suture-free painless removal of benign tumors from the palate, gums, lips, and cheeks.

Laser CAD/CAM technology helps dentists to develop detailed teeth impressions. The cost of laser treatments varies depending on the laser procedure done and the equipment used. Laser treatments are often less expensive than non-laser treatment procedures, as they can be completed in fewer sessions.

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